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EWS Round 7: Valberg, France Track Preview

Will American Richie Rude win again?

Can American Richie Rude win again?

This weekend marks the return of Enduro World Series racing after a month long hiatus. This is the penultimate race of the season and is being held in France’s Maritime alps. This region is where enduro was born and has played host for the past 10 years to the grueling two day Enduro des Portes du Mercantour.

This year, this event is the 7th stop on the EWS circuit. Over the course of the weekend, riders will climb and descend over 21,000 feet on a wide variety of terrain. Talk about grueling.

Who are you betting will take the win? American Richie Rude has been virtually unbeatable all season (see his race bike here), but several riders have proven they have the speed to hang close. And let’s not forget Francois Bailly-Maitre, who was won the Mercantour event before.

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