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Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet Launches

Endura MT500 Collection

It is not by accident that Jim McFarlane chose ‘endurance’ and ‘durability’ as the two words to blend to form the Endura brand over 25 years ago. Perhaps not marketing rocket science, but they have been a constant truth throughout the company’s history, which is why ‘Protection’ is very much in their DNA. To that end, this week Endura launches the very latest in helmets and protectors, as worn by Joe Barnes and Team Hazzard, the Lupato brothers, and Harald Philipp. Plus apparel and protectors with extra gnar developed in collaboration with MTB-royalty Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton.

MT500 Full Face Helmet featuring Koroyd Technology

Endura now take their safety story to the full face helmet category. The new MT500 Full Face Helmet is the first to use the advanced energy absorption offered by Koroyd technology at the burly end of the mountain bike helmet market and brings full head and face protection for enduro, downhill and bike park riders into the expanding helmet offering. Safety needn’t come at the expense of comfort and by using large vents and an air intake zone as well as fast wicking padding means that this is a lid that doesn’t have to be removed when the trail heads upwards.

Endura MT500 Collection

The full Koroyd core produces an unbelievably light, fully DH certified full face which boasts a unique chinbar construction built around an internal skeleton, providing strength without excessive weight. The size M/L weighs in at a game-changing 640 grams.

The fully compatible MT500 Full Face is available in three sizes, and the fit can easily be fine-tuned with the one-hand micro-adjustment fit system and multiple anchor points for the rear retention system. Antibacterial fast wicking spacer fabric padding makes the helmet super-comfy on the head and options of chinbar padding are included. The MT500 Full Face Helmet comes in forest green and black and is backed by a 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. It is also covered by Endura’s Crash Replacement Policy and Endura Product Guarantee. Certified to ASTM F1952 and CE Standard EN1078:2012 + 1 A1:2012.

About Koroyd Helmet Technology

Endura helmets are optimized with Koroyd built-in. This shock absorber provides superior impact protection and breathability as well as being lightweight. The unique properties of Koroyd mean Endura are able to create head protection without compromising on weight, air-intake or air-expulsion.

Endura MT500 Collection

Koroyd technology uses tens of thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded into a fully engineered core. How does it work on impact? Koroyd’s welded tube structure crumples on impact, absorbing more force with greater predictability. By maximizing the amount of energy absorbed, the chance of a life-affecting injury can be reduced.

MT500 Pads and MT500 Protector Undershorts

Endura’s expanded line up of protectors ensures every type of mountain biker is catered for. The Scottish company works with some of the best riders to develop products, including the first family of DH, the Athertons. Featuring the latest D3O inserts, the MT500 Hard Shell and the MT500 Lite Knee Pads provide peace of mind, in rugged durable fabrics. They are also chosen by Danny MacAskill who is just a bit fussy when it comes to pads after recent knee injuries.

Endura MT500 Collection

The MT500 Hard Shell Knee Pad delivers protection for the most extreme situations. Its custom molded hard-shell protects from sharp impacts, and the D3O insert provides lightweight, breathable, shock absorbing protection, while the extended side PU foam padding gives lateral impact protection. A burly loop strap system offers secure comfort fit. Available in sizes S-M and L-XL, the MT500 Hard Shell Knee Pad is certified to meet CE EN 1621/1 standards and is part of the 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee that Endura gives on all MT500 products.

Like it says on the tin, the MT500 Lite Pad provides lightweight, certified MTB protection with D3O® technology. The LP1 Protector used in the MT500 Lite Knee Pad is advanced, breathable protection made by D3O. The highly vented geometry increases the insert’s breathability by 45% whilst retaining ENTH1612-1:2012 level 1 certification. Its lightweight, low-profile design and soft, flexible properties make this an unobtrusive and comfortable high performance protector.

Side PU foam padding delivers further impact protection, while the Jacquard loop system provides a secure comfort fit. Last but not least, the MT500 Lite Pad comes in sizes S-M and L-XL and with a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Endura MT500 Collection

For further protection, wear the new MT500 Protector Undershorts II with tough but flexible D3O inserts where they are most needed. Made from a durable nylon Lycra fabric, these undershorts feature high shock absorption D3O inserts on hips, lower leg and tailbone areas. The 500 Series Mountain, stretch antibacterial pad with highly breathable reticulated foam offers best comfort for all day riding. All seams are flat locked for toughness and comfort.

Further details include the seamless front crotch and Jacquard soft touch waistband and hem gripper. The Clickfast System makes these a perfect partner for any Endura baggy shorts. In the unlikely case that you’re not 100% happy with them, you can rely on Endura’s 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee for all MT500 products.

About D3O

D3O uses patented, patent-pending and proprietary technology to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties. D3O’s core technology applies non-Newtonian principles to materials which are engineered for shock absorption. Non-Newtonian materials stiffen on impact to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force, before returning to their flexible state.

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Endura MT500 Collection Endura MT500 Collection Endura MT500 Collection Endura MT500 Collection Endura MT500 Collection Endura MT500 Collection

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