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Dynaplug Air review

Dynaplug Air

Purchase a Dynaplug Air and you’ll receive four plugs (one already inserted in the tool), the tool, two CO2 cartridges, and an accessory air hose attachment (not shown) that provides the ability to inflate via the valve.

What is it

Dynaplug’s Air tool takes plug kits to the next level with integrated inflation. With tubeless plug kits such as this, riders can fix a cut and retain a tubeless setup for the remainder of the ride. In some cases, a plug will last through the remainder of the tire’s life.

Dynaplug Air

Shown ready for action, the Dynaplug Air may save your next ride or race aboard tubeless tires.

With Dynaplug’s Air tool you get both a plug kit but also the ability to inflate tire quickly, saving precious fluid and time. The inflation takes place via the plug insertion tool and bypasses the use of the valve entirely.

  • Tubeless repair in a small package
  • No need for separate inflation and plug kits
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Inflation holes require fairly deep penetration of the tool, risking tubeless rim strips, especially on smaller tires like those used in gravel
Mtbr’s Take

Tubeless tires are one of the greatest technological leaps forward for bicycles ridden on dirt. But no system is perfect. The solution to a large sidewall or tread cut used to be the use of a boot and installation of an inner tube. This often robbed the rider of fun for the rest of ride back to the car, as you need to be far more cautious when running a tube.

Dynaplug Air

A close-up look at the Air tool reveals a pair of small holes on either side of the tube that deliver CO2 into the tire, inflating it while also installing the plug.

Tire plugs have saved a few rides for my friends and myself in recent mountain biking seasons, and Dynaplug’s Air tool saved an entire weekend of riding, and months of preparation, for me at the iconic Trans Iowa gravel race in late April. As a passing truck kicked up dust and obscured my view of the road hazards ahead, a descent started. Nearing maximum velocity I heard the dreaded hiss. I soft pedaled my way to the top of the next rise and then examined the damage.

Dynaplug Air

Here’s the plug that saved my Trans Iowa. Despite its location, it held for hundreds of gravel miles.

There was a good sized cut right at the edge of the tire’s tread that sealant alone wasn’t going to fix. Out came the Dynaplug Air. I figured I’d give it a go despite some doubt over the plug’s ability to seal a sidewall cut. Inserted, I twisted the CO2 cartridge to inflate the tire. Here’s where I ran into a small issue.

Dynaplug Air

Excess plug can be trimmed but I had tire clearance and left the plug as it was for the remainder of the tire’s life.

While the Air is clearly designed for mountain bike tires, I was on a gravel bike with a 32mm tire. If I inserted the Air tool far enough to position the inflation holes inside the tire I risked puncturing the rim strip with the tip of the plug. It took some careful maneuvering to get it all situated nicely but the Air kit did the job. On larger volume tires I don’t think this will be any concern.

I added a bit more pressure from my mini-pump and took off for more miles of gravel. Amazingly, the plug and remaining sealant held air for the rest of that day, all of the following night, and all the way to the finish line the next afternoon. When I pulled the wheel out after traveling home, it still held air.

Dynaplug Air

The Air tool, two CO2 cartridges, and spare plugs easily fit inside the included zippered neoprene pouch.

Dynaplug’s Air kit is now a must-have for me in both my mountain bike pack as well as my gravel kit. While there are cheaper plug kits on the market, none pair inflation through the tire puncture and few are made as well as Dynaplug’s.

Rating: 5 out of 5 5 Flamin' Chili Peppers
Price: $75
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