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Deathgrip – No brakes downhill challenge


What happens when you enter a high-speed downhill corner with no brakes? Sometimes disaster, sometimes magic. There is science to the magic though as often, bike handling can take the place of two handfuls of brakes. Excessive braking can result in loss of traction, control and flow so its minimal, early use ha merit.

These three characters, explore the limits of this concept with a brakeless downhill competition. And make no mistake, although they constantly clown around, Brendan and Ollie are two of the best bike handlers in the world. The host, Blake is a pro level rider as well. So don’t try this at home!!

No pesky brake levers to be found here

You asked. GMBN delivered. At high speed. Into a corner. With no brakes. That’s right, Blake, Olly, and Brendog are back for the Deathgrip challenge part 2. This time with added features, and completely removed brakes.


Here is part one, produced in March of last year, giving them a year to improve their technique and lunacy.

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