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Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

Is there anything this guy can not do on a bike...

Is there anything this guy can not do on a bike…

Danny MacAskill has raised the bar yet again with a staggering array of bike tricks using man-made and natural features backed by the memorable National Express song from The Divine Comedy. Filmed during the summer, MacAskill pulls off a series of tricks on a day out in between train trips that will take your breath away including a scrub to barrel roll, a submerged water crossing, and a hay bale ride. And in a departure from the norm, MacAskill is rolling on a regular full suspension mountain bike (Santa Cruz 5010) and not his usual trials bike. Also be sure to keep an eye out for a cameo from MacAskill’s dad, Peter.

Roof drop!

Roof drop!

“Although I’m doing very abnormal riding, I set out to make a video that hopefully relates to the normal rider,” explained MacAskill, the world famous trials legend who has over 250 million YouTube views. “Every rider has had to ride through a puddle when it’s been a bit unknown how deep the center of that puddle is, it just so happens that the puddle in my film is 6 feet deep. I wanted to do a video on the mountain bike again and give myself creative freedom with this film. It’s meant to be a fun day out on the bike, so I wanted it to be quite light hearted.”


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