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Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori – Home of Trails

Danny Tire Tap 270 in Lenzerheide

Danny laying down a “Tire Tap 270” off the balcony of the Alp Fops chalet above Lenzerheide. He later told Red Bull that it was one of the scariest tricks he had ever done on a mountain bike! Photo by Martin Bissig

The canton of Graubünden is the largest and easternmost canton of Switzerland and renowned for its dramatic alpine scenery, winter sports and over 10,560 miles of ridable trails. It’s also the home of UCI World Cup DH star Claudio Caluori. Known for his witty commentary during POV previews of UCI World Cup courses and Red Bull Rampage lines, Claudio is at home on the steeps and used to taking sketchy lines but can he keep up with trials riding superstar Danny MacAskill?

Claudio and Danny at Piz Nair

Claudio and Danny standing majestically atop Piz Nair next to the iconic bronze Ibex. Photo by Martin Bissig

They begin their epic adventure near the summit of Piz Nair (10,026ft elevation), Engadin St. Moritz with Danny standing next to the iconic “Guardiaun Grischun”, the bronze Ibex sculpture and symbol of Piz Nair, while gazing out across pristine valleys that make up Graubünden. The banter we expect begins immediately and the two traverse the Alps riding the famous regions and resorts of Arosa Lenzerheide, Davos Klosters, Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair and Flims Laax Falera.

Claudio Corviglia Flow Trail

Claudio pinning it in an effort to keep Danny and his cheeky Scottish antics behind him. Corviglia Flow Trail. Photo by Martin Bissig

The two ride across stunning valleys, glacial streams and picturesque villages straight out of a travel brochure. The comradery and banter mix with well the stunning scenery. Add a handful of hijinks and incredible tricks that make your jaw drop and you have the recipe for a grand adventure that most of us can only dream of. Fortunately, this region offers numerous tours where mere mortals like us can ride the same trails and see the same beautiful landscapes. Personally, I’d skip most of the Danny MacAskill lines and stick to Claudio’s route.


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Danny Riding the Landwasser Bridge

Danny riding the fine line between cool and certain death while crossing the Landwasser Bridge which spans the canyon and a 275 foot drop. Photo by Martin Bissig

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Danny Tire Tap 270 in Lenzerheide Claudio and Danny at Piz Nair Claudio Corviglia Flow Trail Danny Bridge Transfer at Val Tasna Danny Riding the Landwasser Bridge

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