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Aaron Gwin’s four best race runs

Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin’s insane winning run at Windham UCI World Cup 2015.

A few days ago, Aaron Gwin threw down what some are calling the greatest run ever. It’s not the first time the pundits have used this phrase to describe his riding. Below are four such moments. Which one do you think is the best?

Mont-Saint-Anne, 2017

Track conditions quickly transitioned from hero to zero at Mont-Saint-Anne when the rain rolled in. While most racers struggled in the muck, Gwin did the impossible — and won the race.


Leogang, 2015

Since we’re on the topic of the impossible, how about winning a bike race without a chain? Gwin’s chain snapped out of the gate, but he still pumped and scrubbed to a miraculous triumph.

Leogang, 2014

Sometimes, being a champion isn’t about finishing first, it’s about pushing through. When Gwin flatted his rear tire in Leogang, he kept on going. Riding on nothing but rim (and heart), he made this World Cup track look easy.


Windham, 2015

World Cup races are often decided by fractions of a second. Beating the World’s best by a second or two on a track that’s five minutes long is almost unheard of, yet Aaron Gwin managed to put 3.5 seconds on the competition at Windham in 2015. Putting that kind of gap on Greg Minnaar is impressive. Doing it on a track that’s less than 3 minutes long is legendary.

Which race run is your favorite?

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