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5 Reasons to Get Bike Insurance Right Now

All Photos by Casey Tucker of rider Ryan McGary

Those of us who view cycling as a way of life understand how devastating it can be to have a bicycle damaged or stolen. Until recently, there was no comprehensive way to cover a bike against the unexpected. Enter Velosurance, bike-specific insurance, whose staff understands the particular needs of cyclists. Here are Velosurance’s top five reasons to get bike insurance right now.

1. To Protect Against Total Loss By Theft

You just finished a group ride with the crew, and you’re at the coffee shop getting a much-deserved pastry, only to come out five minutes later to see a snipped cable-lock and no bike in sight. Unfortunately, bikes are easy targets for thieves, equally difficult to recover and rarely come back in the state they were taken. The team at Velosurance provides the peace of mind when your bike is stolen or damaged. Velosurance has a nationwide network of partner bike shops, which is available to you as a resource for bicycle repair or replacement. In case of a claim, an industry trusted partner will help you evaluate the severity of damage and prepare a repair estimate quickly. If your favorite shop is not in the network, they’ll gladly work with them as well to get you back to riding as quickly as possible.

2. To Protect Against Damage

Whether you slide out in a corner, hit a pothole, overlap wheels in a crit or even drive your car into a garage with your bike on top—it’s covered. If you’re unfortunate enough to hit the ground and rip up your kit, tear up the shoes, or smash your helmet, they would also be covered. This protection also covers your bike when traveling. If you ever ship your bike, bring it on flights with you, or any other mode of transport, you’re familiar with the spike in heart rate that comes with opening a freshly shipped bike box, only to notice a snapped derailleur or dented wheel. Filing a claim with these companies is a notoriously hard process with an uncertain outcome if any. Velosurance covers your bike while it’s on its way to your destination. If it arrives in a non-working condition, Velosurance will cover the cost of renting a replacement bike, so your trip isn’t ruined. If you’re traveling to participate in an organized event and a suitable rental bike cannot be found, your event entry fees will be reimbursed.

3. Medical Coverage and Peace of Mind

As a cyclist, you take care of your body—it’s your engine and your means to ride. Nothing is worse than getting injured; you can’t ride and even worse, you have to deal with fighting over medical bills and coverage. To take a bit of the pain away, the optional medical coverage will cover some of your medical bills up to the policy limit. This coverage pays to supplement the deductible of your personal health insurance policy, making it easier on you in the long run, and letting you recover and get back to doing what you love.

4. Liability Protection

Picture this: you’re bombing down your favorite section of singletrack, you carve around a tight switchback—and bang—you hit head-on with a hiker coming up the same part of the trail. What do you do? This is a big one, and nearly everyone has come in with close calls or worse. Bicycle insurance, like the kind from Velosurance, will protect you from the personal liability (injury, sickness, death, or damage to property) you cause while riding your bike. Depending on how and what kind of coverage you would like, the limits are: $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 per occurrence and will give you the peace of mind you need to ride with a clear head.

5. Stranded Cyclist Coverage

Ever get a flat in the middle of nowhere, when you’re out of tubes? Or worse yet, encounter that once-in-a-lifetime mechanical failure that renders your bike unrideable. Don’t you wish someone would just come and pick you up? Well, this service actually exists and works just like AAA. If you have Velosurance when you get stranded, call them and they will send someone to come to get you quickly and safely. The Velosurance nationwide 24-hour Emergency Service provides up to 35 miles of transportation for you and your bike per breakdown. The only thing you’ll need to do is get yourself to a paved road.

Insurance is something that no one really wants to think about until it’s too late. More so, those looking for insurance rarely explore all the available options. Cyclist-owned Velosurance has policies that affect real-world cyclists—people that live to ride and travel the world. For instance, if your cycling travels take you outside of the USA and Canada, Velosurance can extend the policy’s physical damage and theft coverage worldwide, just by adding a reasonable additional premium to your policy. Since most of us travel to ride or race, Velosurance covers the bike while in transit by the airline, so you can relax on the flight and prepare for the adventure.

If you’ve been in any of the situations above, do yourself and your bike a favor and go to velosurance.com and learn about all the ways they can help.

For more info head over to velosurance.com.

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