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2019 SQLab bars, grips saddle and chamois?

SQLab focuses on contact points with the bike and uses science and engineering to provide solutions.

At Mtbr, we are massive fans of SQLab. We not only love their enthusiasm for bikes and science but really appreciate the thought and construction they put in their products. Folks experience a lot of pain and discomfort with key bike contact points and we love recommending SQLabs products because they end up coming back and thanking us for the advice. It happens time and time again.

Handlebars are legendary with their 18 degree sweep. Many options are available.

SQLAB focuses on contact points with the bike, providing solutions for saddles, grips, and bars. But this year, they seem to be venturing out into new unknowns, specifically chamois.

the SQ-Short ONE10, the mesh liner shorts feature thieir SQ-Pad 10 which is 8mm thick at maximum and firm.

SQLab is introducing a line of chamois shorts with different thickness pads for different applications. The key to all these is they’ve engineered a pad system to minimize friction. Product guru Tibor Simai had us roll our knuckles over the pad and a hard surface and it really does work! Normal pads produce friction and chafing while theirs seems to glide within itself. Available in six sizes, the shorts will sell for under $100 depending on the padding thickness. Like other SQlab clothing, these are made by Maloja.

The 411 Performance inner bar ends are more than 60g from the original 411s, making these just 40g per set, a pair, including hardware.

Inner bar ends are a thing and SQLab has an entry in this market. Unlike the tiny Togs system, these are bigger platforms where the thumb can rest and one can control the bike even when the hand is not wrapped around the handlebar.

With a sculpted shape and carbon fiber and titanium SQlab produces these at making these just 40g per set. Pricing is going to be around $150 and a lower priced heavier model will be available.

The SQlab 7OX grips were already comfortable and now they’re in a softer durometer and two sizes are available

The saddles

Of course we cannot talk about SQLab without mentioning their saddles. They have many options available and they are fitted and engineered for specific body types and rider applications.

The 60x is one of the newer saddles. The 611 is one we frequently recommend

Product guru Tibor Simai explains that riders have different width sit bones and it is desirable to measure them and find the saddle that fits best in their riding position. “When the rider is in an aggressive pedaling position, they sit on the narrow part of their pelvis,” he explains. “And when they sit up, they’re on the wider part. And some rock their hips more when they pedal.”

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