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2019 Bontrager headlights and taillights

Daytime running lights have become the most important safety accessory in this brave new world of busy roads and distracted drivers.

Version 2.0

Five years ago, Bontrager introduced the Ion 700, a tiny 700 lumen light not much larger than one’s thumb. We reviewed it here and were impressed by its quality and form factor. They followed it up with the fascinating Flare head and tail lights that were not much more than 20 grams but surprisingly bright.

Bontrager has finally released the revamp of these lights and they seem impressive indeed. They are bright, self-contained and well-constructed. And more important, they’re backed with tech to keep the rider safe and make them more visible to traffic. It is their firm belief that every rider on the road should ride with lights on night or day!


What is it

Bontrager has added to its popular lineup of Daytime Running Lights with three new options, including an all-new Flare RT rear taillight. Flare RT is an exciting update to Bontrager’s original Daytime Running Light, the Flare R. Weighing in at 23 grams, the all-new Flare RT is 36% smaller and 30% more powerful while also featuring run times up to 20% longer over the previous generation. Flare RT uses a specific interruptive flash pattern that is visible to drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists from 2km during daylight. Also introduced are the all-new Ion 200 RT and Ion Pro RT, both front Daytime Running Lights that are visible from 2km in day flash settings, in addition to their steady settings intended for use after dark.

The Flare and Flare RT only weigh a couple dozen grams each but are visible from very far.

Science with Clemson University

Four years of research with Clemson University provided insights on how best to equip cyclists to be seen and recognized on the road by drivers. Results of the research directly informed the design of better products and helped shape many aspects of the new lights. The interruptive flash pattern of Flare RT now features a more powerful 90 Lumen lead pop in the interruptive flash pattern to further capture attention. The flash pattern was further scrutinized to provide maximum impact while staying as efficient as possible to deliver more battery life.

Further findings of Clemson’s research has proved that the best thing a rider can do to be more visible on the road is to ride with a flashing light. Studies have shown a 270% increase in driver recognition of a cyclist with a flashing rear light compared to without.* An additional study showed a 33% decrease in accidents for cyclists equipped with daytime running lights.** In an effort to ensure cyclists are equipped with Daytime Running Lights as much as possible, Bontrager has added ANT+ and Bluetooth communication to the lights to allow them to connect with certain Garmin Edge units to automatically power on lights at the start of a ride. The connection also provides control of the lights and shows real-time battery life through the Bontrager Light Control App that is downloadable at Garmin Connect IQ.

More features

· Updated USB charging port that meets IPX7 waterproof standards provides worry-free protection against road spray and downpours.
· A built-in ambient light sensor can automatically set the light into the best mode for conditions.
· Lock Mode can be set to ensure Flare RT always stays in the preferred mode.
· Blendr integration for clean mounting on select Bontrager helmets, saddles, and the new Madone Seatpost.

The Ion 200 RT incorporates the same form and features of the Flare RT into a 200 Lumen front light. It is available individually, as well as in a set with the Flare RT.

This new Ion light allows a rider to see very well at night and to be seen by drivers any time.

A powerful 1300 lumen headlight too

The Ion Pro RT is a powerful 1300 Lumen front light that packs an incredible amount of power and runtime into a small package. A wide beam pattern lights up the full width of the trail with enough light to ride with confidence at any speed. It is at home on the helmet or the bar, on an MTB or as a versatile Daytime Running Light on any bike.

These exciting new lights and the continued partnership with Clemson University reinforce Bontrager’s legacy as a leader in cycling safety and pioneering daytime running lights for cyclists.
All new lights are USB rechargeable and include Micro USB charging cables and easy to install mounts.


· Flare RT: US MSRP $59.99
· Ion 200 RT: US MSRP $59.99
· Ion Pro RT: US MSRP $99.99
· Ion 200 RT / Flare RT Light Set: US MSRP $114.99
· Ion Pro RT / Flare RT Light Set – US MSRP $154.99

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