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2016 Red Bull Joyride top 3 rides video

The three winners are here with a fresh podium crew.

There were some new faces atop the podium.

Dubbed Slopestyle Sunday, 15 of the world’s best slopestyle riders went head-to-head in a gravity-defying showdown in front of 30,000 spectators, who packed the bottom of Whistler Mountain to witness the contest of the season.

This year, we have a new winner and also a rookie on the podium. View the results and check out the three best runs of the day.

2016 Red Bull Joyride Results

1. Brett Rheeder (Can) 93.00
2. Thomas Genon (Bel 91.20
3. Max Fredriksson (Swe) 89.80
4. Emil Johansson (Swe) 85.20
5. Logan Peat (USA) 83.00
6. Anthony Messere (Can) 81.60
7. Tomas Lemoine (Fra) 81.00
8. Mehdi Gani (Fra) 80.60
9. Ryan Nyqiuist (USA) 78.20
10. Tomas Zejda (Cze) 72.60

1. Brett Rheeder

With a near flawless run from top to bottom, Canadian Brett Rheeder put together an arsenal of big combination tricks, including a backflip barspin to opposite tailwhip in the early stages of his run, his signature cork 720, and a highly technical finish with a front flip onto the final 30-foot tall feature, which he followed with a backflip off into the finish area below.

2. Thomas Genon

Belgian Thomas Genon placed second with a score of 91.20.

3. Max Fredriksson

And the revelation of the day is young Swede Max Fredriksson, who placed third with a score of 89.80.

And to answer the most frequently asked question, Where was Brandon Semenuk? It simply wasn’t his day. He crashed off the approach to the big drop right out of the start on his first run. And when all the chips were down, he slipped off the pedal on a landing near the top of his second run. But with three straight wins prior to this one, he walks away healthy and will come hungry next year.

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