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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Tools for the cyclists in your life

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

If the gearhead in your life loves to spend their evenings tinkering on bikes in the garage, then consider one of these great gift ideas.

Feedback T-Handle Tool Kit

Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit

The number one tool we reach for when wrenching is a Y handle (or 3-way, depending on where you’re from). However, these tools are sometimes too bulky or don’t provide enough leverage, which is why T-handle wrenches are a must. They’re hard to get perfect, but Feedback nailed it with their new T-handle Tool Kit. This seven piece kit is made from S2 steel and comes neatly packaged in a nylon case. Price: $129 | More info at

Silca T Ratchet Ti Torque

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti Torque Kit

Modern bikes use a range of exotic materials to help reduce weight and maximize performance. To help ensure longevity and performance, it’s a good idea to use a torque wrench for installation and maintenance. Silca’s new T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque kit combines a multi-tool and torque wrench in one incredible package. Price: $98 | More info at

Birzman M-Torque 10

Birzman M-Torque 10

Don’t want to drop a Benjamin on a glorified multi-tool? Take a look at the Birzman M-Torque 10. It features an integrated torque wrench that has been pre-set to 5Nm and includes 2.5/3/4/5/6/8/flat head, Phillips, and chain tool. Price: $40 | Full review here

Ritchey Barkeep Tire Levers

Ritchey Barkeep Levers

Many of us take pride in being able to install and remove tires without the aid of tire levers, but some tire/rim combos are just evil. For those scenarios, keep a set Ritchey Barkeep Levers slid into your handlebars. You won’t notice them until you need them. Price: $15 | More info at

Dynaplug Racer

Dynaplug Racer

Race fees aren’t cheap, so it’s a bummer to lose out because of a mechanical. Help avoid despair with the new Dynaplug Racer. This little tool is designed to plug holes in a tubeless tire. Unlike the larger kits, this one contains only what you need to get going. Also, it comes in anodized purple. Price: $44 | More info at

Abbey Crombie Tool

Crombie Thru Axle Dual Sided Cassette Tool

There’s something about having the right tool for the job that feels magical. No one gets this better than Abby Tools. Their products are not cheap, but they’re highly regarded among mechanics. The tool we covet most from their lineup is the Crombie Thru Axle Cassette tool. It has a Shimano/SRAM remover on each side. One works with regular QR skewers, while the other works with 12mm thru axles. Price: $55 | More info at

Maxima SC1

Maxima “new bike in a can” SC1

Does that special someone in your life spend more time detailing their bike than on their own appearance? If that’s the case, they need a bottle of Maxima SC1. This magical formula smells phenomenal and leaves bikes looking fresh. It also helps prevent mud adhesion. Price: Starting at $11 | More info at

Enduro Bearing Removal Tool

Enduro Pro Bearing Removal Tool

Bearing service isn’t tricky, but it is one of the more complicated maintenance tasks. For the geeks willing to attempt it, Enduro’s Universal Bearing Removal Tool is incredibly useful. Not only do the tools simplify the task of pulling bearing races, but they look phenomenal, and are made in the USA. More info at

Estwing Hatchet

Estwing Hatchet

Ok, so a hatchet isn’t exactly a tool you need for working on your bike (unless you’re really angry) BUT hear us out. Cycling and camping go hand in hand. Part of camping is a campfire and a good hatchet is worth its weight in gold when the sun begins to set. Also, they look cool. Price: Starting at $25 | More info at

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