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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Bikes and gear for kids

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your kids this year? Whether they prefer pavement pounding or dirt surfing, they’re bound to love one of these gifts.

Trek Superfly 26

Trek Superfly 26

The Trek Kids’ Superfly 26 is a race-ready mountain bike inspired by the Wisconsin-based bike maker’s super-fast adult Superfly. Quality trail components mean business, while the light, nimble frame keeps things fun. Superfly is THE bike for adventure-loving kids who are ready to meet challenging trails head on. Just don’t be surprised when they pass you on the singletrack. Price: $1050 | More info at

Ladybug Bicycle Bell

Quirky Bicycle Bell

There’s no better time to teach your kid proper cycling etiquette than when they’re young. So rather than having them shout “on your left,” hop up their ride with a sweet bell. Your local bike shop usually has a great selection, but you can find anything from Spiderman to Frozen inspired bells online. Price: Starting at $10

Subrosa Combat Lights

Subrosa Combat Lights

If you’re out riding at sunset or past dark, being highly visibility is key to staying safe. These mini grenade lights from Subrosa are easy to mount and will appeal to the BMXer in your life. As an added bonus, they’ll prevent a “no lights” ticket on the way back from the skate park. Price: Starting at $9 | More info at

Bell MIPS Sidetrack

Bell Sidetrack Helmet

Safety isn’t cool when you’re a kid, but sweet graphics might persuade your little one to wear their helmet more often. While there are a number great options out there, we like the Bell Sidetrack because it’s one of the few youth helmets available with MIPS. Price: $60. | More info at

Landwave Skateramps

Plastic Skate Ramp

Remember building sketchy jumps out of anything you could find? Those early endeavors weren’t always the most successful but they built moral fiber. To ease your child into aerial pursuits (minus the shoddy construction), grab a plastic skate ramp. They’re great for anything with wheels, including scooters and RC cars. Price: $130 | More info at

Camelback Mini Mule

Mini Hydration Pack

While fanny packs are all the range with the enduro set, hydration packs still have their place. They’re convenient for carrying water, snacks, and an extra layer. Turns out, kids think they’re pretty cool, too. Carrying their own equipment makes them feel grown up, plus they have a place to store trailside treasures. Our favorite is the CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E, because it comes with a whistle (in case your child gets separated) and is backed by a warranty. Price: $50 | More info at

Subrosa Altus Balance Bike

Balance Bike

For toddlers who are just getting the hang of walking around, push bikes are the ultimate introduction to riding. Without even knowing it, they’re bypassing the awkward training-wheel phase. Strider is the market leader in this segment, but another great option is the BMX-inspired Subrosa Altus. Why? Because it looks cool of course. Price: $140 | More info at

Cleary Hedgehog Bike

Cleary Bike

Not sure if your little one has his their heart set on the pursuit of speed or prefers that dirtbag lifestyle? Split the difference with a Cleary. Their designs are lightweight, smartly built, and come in a wide array of fun styles. The bikes are a little pricey compared to the competition, but in return you get one of the best-designed bikes in the segment AND a lifetime warranty. Price: Starting at $250 | More info at

Transition Ripcord

Transition Ripcord

If your kid is a pint-sized ripper, you both deserve a Transition Ripcord. Yes, it’s expensive for something they’ll eventually outgrow, but you’ll be blown away with how quickly they’ll progress. The stock build is on the hefty side but was designed for durability. Luckily, everything is based around standard sizes, so it’s easily upgradeable down the road. Price: Starting at $1700 | More info at


Islabike Luath

If your passion steers towards the road, the Luath series from Islabike should be on your shopping short list. Designed with versatility in mind, the 7005 aluminum frame can be setup for cyclocross or road riding. The other major selling point is ergonomics. While competitors often spec adult components, Isla uses reach adjustable levers for small hands, and wider gear ratios. Price: Starting at $599 | More info at Islabikes

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