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10 useful hacks for any cyclist

Tire Plug Bar End

Tire plug fitted into a bar end?!? Why didn’t we think of that?

In the video below, Seth uncovers 10 simple tricks to grow your… well, ok these hacks won’t make anything grow. But they will make life a little easier, cleaner, and generally less annoying while on the trail, in your workshop. or while dining (yes, dining).

Water Filter in Hydration Pack

Running low on water and afraid to drink out of that trailside stream? If you had a water filter plumbed into your hydration pack you’d have nothing to worry about.

Many of the hacks in this video (and Seth’s past videos) come from fellow riders who submit them via the comments on his YouTube channel. If you have a cool hack or tip, let us know in the comments below, or send them directly to Seth and they just might end up in one of his future videos.


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Tire Plug Bar End Water Filter in Hydration Pack Inner Tube Grip License Plate

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