ZENO Reaction Floating Rotor 160mm (Floating)

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Best floating function rotor for bicycle, Efficient torque conduction, Decreasing heat damage, 160 MM Weight: 92g, SUS 420 Braking band, Alloy 7075-T6

  • THE ONLY TRULY FLOATING ROTOR FOR BICYCLE : The new design make rotor automatic alined, and make the brake pads perfect gripping on rotor which always provide stable braking force.
  • EFFICIENT TORQUE CONDUCTION: Special design make braking power directly and completely transmit to bicycle, and reduce braking noise
  • DECREASING HEAT DAMAGE: The new design offering controlled tolerance preventing the structural damage by heat. And aluminum inner frame can make the heat not go in to hub directly to effect safety.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT DESIGN: 160 MM only 92 g (rotor only)
  • HIGH STANDARD MATERIAL USING: SUS 420 Braking band, Alloy 7075-T6