Q-Connector Bicycle Brake Hydraulic Coupler Pin side Pre-pressed with 3M hose

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The hydraulic system became the mainstream brake system on road bikes, gravel bikes, and cargo bikes. Hydraulic brakes provide excellent power and control, but maintenance and installation can be difficult and requires specialist tools, plus the specifications of each brand are also different.

Our clever Q-Connector finally solves these problems for bikes with hydraulic discs. The Q-Connector allows instant, tools-free connecting and disconnecting of the bike’s hydraulic brake hose. The design allows for a perfect seal when disconnecting and no rebleeding of the brakes is required even after multiple uses. Sized to easily be integrated into the frame cable route.


Disconnect and Connect No tool required:

Simply disconnect the brake system just take off the fixed clip.

Hight Pressure Standard:

The Q-Connector can stand at least 4500 psi which provide highly safe care

Universal & Flexible:

Able to work on the most brake systems and easy to set on different brake line section

Auto metic stop brake Fluid:

The oil circuit automatically closed when the connector is disconnected

Easy Routing Hose:

Maximum 6.2mm which easy to pass through the most frame and handlebar


SLQ-3-2 must work with SLQ-3-1 or SLQ-4-1 as a set, Sell with 3mm hose


The coupler is a life matter part.

Please always ask a qualified mechanic to set up.


Mineral and DOT versions can’t be mixed using


Some of Sram New brake sets use "Mineral" Please confirm the your brake standard before place order