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[Video] LOOSE RIDERS 2017 | MASHUP #3

The whole Loose Riders family smashed it all year long, this is just a tiny fragment to give you an idea what Loose Riders is all about.
Riding fast, having fun and getting loose! Expect a heavy mix of riding from our local Loose Riders chapters Limburg, Finland, Christchurch, Nottingham, North East England and one of our newest chapters: the smooth operators from Whistler.

It wouldn’t be a Loose Riders mashup without some fire from our Global team riders, so we threw in some heavy clips from Damon Iwanaga, Joel Anderson, Nico Vink, Kristof Lenssens, Antoine Buffart, Reece Potter, Alexis D’heer, Loose Youth’s whip machine Noah Schweizer and last but not least some jungle rumbling from the Ronny Racing squad.

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