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[Road To Rampage] Tom VanSteenbergen

Continuing on with our Road to Rampage series, we were just brought up to speed with Tom VanSteenbergen. As one of many BC freeriders in the event (including his brother Bas), he’s looking to have a huge result and isn’t afraid to throw down. Here’s what he had to say about his preparation for 2017…

Tom, raging down a ridgeline back in 2014. Photo: Ian Collins

MTB-Mag: What are some big changes you make to your bike for Rampage?

Tom: I’ve got a whole new bike for Rampage. New frame and the suspension will be set up pretty stiff and progressive. I’m hoping to find some big jumps, but we’ll see how she goes.

TVS’ new whip!

MTB-Mag: Do you have any major changes of kit or your protective wear?

Tom: Yeah, I’ll be wearing the 2018 TLD moto gear. And Troy painted me a custom helmet so they got me looking good! Other than that, just the usual protective gear. Chest/back protector and knee pads!


MTB-Mag: Are you changing anything in your line this year? If so what are you changing?

Tom: Yes, I’d love to find a big drop for my line but I don’t know how or where I would find one, so we’ll see.

Tom, last year – apparently this isn’t a “drop”…

MTB-Mag: What’s your biggest fear or concern this year?

Tom: Mainly, my biggest fear is not making it to the bottom. I really want to do a run that I’m happy with and not leave the place disappointed.

MTB-Mag: Do you have any goals for your line or your result? Any tricks you want to do?

Tom: It all depends on the line. I spent a lot of time practicing different tricks on the new bike so I’ll be prepared for anything but I’m hoping to flip a big drop. And a 1st place would be nice…hahaha! If I make it to the bottom with a run that I’m happy with I’ll be stoked.

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