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[Road to Rampage] Carson Storch

We’ve been spending time catching up with various freeriders competing in Red Bull Rampage lately. Last week we caught up with Tyler McCaul and Ethan Nell; this week we’re having a chat with Red Bull athlete Carson Storch. Carson 360’d a massive drop last year and won “Best Trick”…This year he’ll surely be changing some things up and progressing, but he’s keeping his cards close to his chest.

Carson stomping the 2016 Red Bull Rampage best trick.

MTB-Mag: What are some big changes you make to your bike for Rampage?

Carson: No major changes really, I’ve been running my Rocky Mountain Maiden up with stiff/slow suspension all year!

MTB-Mag: Do you have any noteworthy changes of kit or your protective wear?

Carson: Just running what I normally wear, which is knee pads, ankle braces, and fullface. I will also wear a kindey belt and slim chest protector. Maybe some butt pads too.

MTB-Mag: Are you changing anything in your line this year? If so what are you changing?

Carson: That is for me to know and you to find out!

Carson greased his huge 360 perfectly not just once, but twice…

MTB-Mag: What’s your biggest fear or concern this year?

Carson: My biggest fear is fear itself, I am out here to have fun…All positivity.

MTB-Mag: Do you have any goals for your line or your result? Any tricks you want to do?

Carson: I want to ride my bike to my full potential, and at this point results aren’t a thing in my mind.

MTB-Mag: Sounds reasonable enough…Good luck and we’ll see you in the desert!

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