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PeakRider – The First Hands Free Hike-a-Bike System

Most of us hate having to scramble up steep, unridable climbs with our bike over our shoulder and at least one hand tied up. Well, PeakRider decided to come up with a solution…

PeakRider’s German engineers have found a solution to making hike-a-bikes less painful, with a system where the weight of the bike is distributed over the shoulder straps and the backpack’s waistband. Look at the video above to see how it works.

This is a Kickstarter project that needed 15,000 Euros to hit its goal. It recently hit 18,000+ so production should be a go.

This device fits every pack with a hydration bladder compartment. The retail price is 79 Euros, but it will cost less for those who back the product on kickstarter…(link below)

Details and more here.

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