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Formula’s New Prototype Selva & Cura 4 Piston

We are currently checking in from the Bike Connection Winter, a camp that offers media the opportunity to meet several companies in a single event. This first winter edition takes place in Massa Marittima, in Tuscany. Although we’re unfortunately not kissed by good weather, we still have had the opportunity to go preview some things, including new products which Formula has been workingon. We cannot tell you much, except that it is a new Fork and 4-piston brake. The details will be unveiled in the following months, once the prototype phase is over. In any case, you can recognize the new discs, more robust and thicker than the “old” ones, designed to avoid the noises that were born in combination with certain carbon frames.

From the video below you should however understand at least one of the Selva’s updates, as well as seeing how the new 4-piston Cures will be. If the weather will be more lenient we can try both, bolted up to the bike that you see pictured below.

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