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[First Ride] Endura’s New Kneepads

As part of the presentation of their new ultra light full-face helmet, Endura also showed two pairs of knee pads, one with a soft shell and one with a rigid shell.

Both have been developed in collaboration with D3O, and the internal material is identical: it is soft to the touch and stiffens under impact, then returns to its flexible state, being a so-called non-Newtonian material. In this video you can see how it works in practice:

The MT500 Lite Pad offers a light weight and certified MTB protection ENTH1612-1: 201 of level 1. It is designed to be breathable and ventilate well. To wear it you need to take off your shoes, since it is equipped with a form fitting silicone/mesh band on the thigh, with the aim of keeping it well in place even while pedaling. A velcro band is also placed on its upper edge to provide adjustment and added security.

I tested them during two days of riding on the Garda and I must say that they are very comfortable and above all, they remain nicely in place even when you ride, without twisting or sliding down on your leg. To me, the breathability was also very good, but I’ll need to give them a spin in higher temperatures in order to have a final verdict.
Price: 79.90 euros

The MT500 Hard Shell Knee Pad has the same D3O insert as its lighter weight counterpart, but with a rigid shell added to make it slide (rather than stick) when it hits hard ground, which dissipates the impact better. It also has a PU foam side padding and a double strap system (top and bottom). The certification is CE EN 1621/1, so it is well suited to gravity disciplines such as DH.
Price: 89.99 euros

Endura also presented the MT500 Protector Undershorts II with D3O inserts. Made from Lycra, these short/pant liners are also feature D3O, with inserts on the side of the hip, in the lower area and on the areas of the coccyx. They have an antibacterial stretch 500 series Mountain pad. All seams are flat to avoid annoying points of contact with the skin. The front crotch is seamless, the belt is in soft jacquard and the hem has a silicone band. The Clickfast system allows you to easily combine them with any Endura shorts.
Price: 79.99 euros


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