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Video | Chasing Summer – Rob J in South Africa

Ever been tempted to give up everything you have to start a new life some place new? That’s what Rob J did in 2002 at the start of a journey that would see him become a professional mountain biker. Here he goes back to his roots to rediscover the country that launched his career: South Africa.

2002 besuchte Rob J zum ersten Mal Südafrika.
In 2002, Rob J visited South Africa for the first time.
Rob Js Plan war es damals, dem europäischen Winter zu entfliehen und einfach Rad zu fahren.
Back then, the plan was to escape the european winter and just ride his bike.
Nun kehrte Rob J nach Südafrika zurück.
Now, he returned to South Africa
Das Ziel der Trips damals und heute unterscheidet sich nicht: Spaß auf den tollen Trails haben.
The trips back then and today share the same goal: Riding great trails.