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Sea Otter 2015 | The New 9point8 Fallline Dropper Post

Canadian manufacturer 9point8 introduced an interesting dropper post at Sea Otter. The new Fallline dropper post offers upto 150 mm of travel and uses a mechanical locking system. It’s engineered to work faultlessly even under the roughest conditions.

Die 9 Point 8 Pulse-Sattelstütze.
The new 9point8 Fallline Dropper Post.
Auch ein Einblick in das Innenleben der Stütze wurde ausgestellt.
The internals of the 9point8 Fallline Dropper Post.

The Fallline has 125 or 150 mm continuous travel and is locked mechanically. The actuation cable ends at the bottom of the post and is routed through the frame, similar to the Reverb Stealth. According to the manufacturer, the mechanical locking mechanism has no problems even with extreme low temperatures. They tested it at -30 °C without any problems. Remember, 9point8 is a Canadian company.

Bei interner Zugverlegung bietet die Pulse eine cleane Optik.
Internal cable routing tidies up every bike

In opposite to the “nutcracker” models out on the market, the Fallline is air-damped when extending, avoiding a harsh end stop. Also, due to the mechanical lock, it’s possible to lift the bike at the saddle, without extending the dropper post.

Der Hebel kann auf verschiedenste Art und Weise am Lenker befestigt werden.
The well-made lever can be mounted in various ways.
Am Stützenkopf kann der Offset zwischen 0 mm und 25 mm  verstellt werden.
Nice feature: You can change the offset of the post between 0 and 25 mm.

The offset of the post can be adjusted between 0 and 25 mm. The Fallline Dropper Post will be available in two diameters (30,9 mm and 31,6 mm) this year. MSRP is $379 USD. According to 9point8, the posts weights between 507 g and 605 g (w. remote, depending on travel and diameter).

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Words: Martin Stöckl / Aaron Steinke Bilder: Robin Schmitt