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Out Now | ENDURO Issue #017 – Bring back the Fun

Here it is! Issue #017 of ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine is now available for you! Read it online, on the iPad, or iPhone right now!


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What does life come down to in the end?

Money? Fame? Success? Sex? True love? For every one of us it might be something different, but by reading the new Issue, we can say there’s one thing that sets us apart: passion.

As much as we get excited about mountain biking, we also care about it. This is why we’ve had that nagging fear that our beloved sport is being dragged further and further away from its roots, from why we love it. With ever more merciless races (think EWS New Zealand), hard-as-nails sponsorship deals, and the commercialization of pretty much every imaginable enduro-specific product, something has been lost. And that something is the reason we all began, the reason we all heatedly discuss the latest in the sport, and what unites us – fun.

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So you see, this issue is about fun. To kick it off we headed to enduro champion Jerome’s house for a barbeque, a bike ride, and some beers. We wanted to know what a World Champion does for fun, and how does he ride his bike so damn fast!

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What about elite international races, can they still be fun? With endless rules, cost, pressure and stress many events are now taking themselves far too seriously, what happened to all the laughs? The EWS in Ireland changed all that, injecting a healthy dose of fun, passion, and irony into the series, we look at the race that redefined the sport.

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We dropped in on Fabian Scholz and Markus Schulte-Lünzum to find out how the FOCUS team athletes keep their training rides fresh.

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To call the week we had with our ten-strong team of test riders in the Scottish Highlands ‘a little bit of fun’ would be a drastic understatement. On the hunt for the best enduro bike around, our guys and girls spent over 500 hours on the trails. We have our winner, find out who won inside.

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But are large groups a prerequisite for having fun? Nope…Andi ventured out alone in our Lonely Ranger story and sought happiness there.

As this issue has more videos than ever, we’re fairly confident it’ll be a fun read mixed with action-packed viewing. More videos, more excitement. Have fun reading the new issue!

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