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Open Letter | Share the Love, Don’t Steal!

This year is the first season in which we’ve worked on our cool plans to become an exciting part of many events, hosting ENDURO lounges, sponsoring many top events across the world and, of course, holding our famous ENDURO Trail Party to celebrate and support our beautiful sport.

Unfortunately, on several occasions we’ve had our stuff (deck chairs, banners, merchandise and the like) stolen. Naturally, we’re flattered by the fact that you like our products, but let’s be straight here: What the hell do you think you’re doing? Stealing is not only a crime; it’s also really annoying and disrespectful. Think of the consequences your actions might have for thousands of other mountain bikers.


We invested a lot of money, time, manpower and most of all love to create cool deck chairs, enduro beer, caps and banners. And we didn’t go for cheap stuff either, opting for great quality products instead because we want to do things well.

You know this approach from our (free!) magazine. And the same goes here too: we love your feedback, we love your constructive criticism, but we don’t love haters. We do our job because we love what we do and we feel that we have the right knowledge and experience to share with the world, but we don’t owe anyone anything.


We know that this message is only intended for a few individuals that steal or hate, but we think this is the only way to reach them. We don’t expect you to denounce them – but we do expect them to recognize that the bike community still has good values and that our relationship is based on trust and friendship.

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So here’s the message for all you respectful and good-minded mountain bikers out there: We can’t wait to see you soon somewhere on the trails or at the bar.

Cheers, Robin
Director / ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine