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News | Urge Presents the all new Endur-o-matic 2

With the infamous EUROBIKE in sight, Urge has got in early and released an updated version of their well-known Enduro-halfshell Endur-o-matic. Besides the ergonomics of the helmet, the ecology of the production process was optimized as well.

The Endur-o-matic 2 will be available in four different sizes (S/M and L/XL) accommodated by two shell sizes, each of which can be combined with two different pads with different thickness. The shell of the helmet is compact, offering a slimline fit around the head for an “anti-mushroom” effect. To optimize the protection offered by the shell, it consists of four panels that are moulded together.

Die Schale des Endur-o-matic 2 besteht aus vier Einzelteilen.
The shell of the Endur-o-matic 2 consists of four individual parts.

The production of the Endur-o-matic 2 is as eco friendly as possible. The material used is 100% recycled EPS coming from the automotive industry, while the straps are constructed from recycled PET. In the inside of the helmet, the new Butterfly-cage supports the structure of the outer shell and guarantees a better cohesion.

Der Butterfly-Cage soll die Schutzwirkung des Helms unterstützen.
The Butterfly-cage enhances the protection of the helmet.

The ergonomics of the helmet was another factor the developers at urge wanted to improve. The shape is optimized for use with goggles or sunglasses. The BOA retention system should help to fix the helmet on the head in a simple and efficient manner. The strap buckles were completely redesigned for better adjustment ergonomics.

Auch Details wie die Verbindung der Straps an der Helmschale wurden überarbeitet.
Details like the strap buckles were redesigned from the ground up.

The inner pads come in a monobloc design to insure the perfect balance between comfort and breathe-ability. They are made of a performance material that is washable, anti-bacterial and moisture wicking.

Insgesamt 28 Belüftungsöffnungen sollen für eine gute Luftzirkulation sorgen.
28 vents should offer good air ventilation around the head.

Ventilation was given a high priority during development. Consequently, the helmet now offers 28 vents that should keep the head fresh permanently. The new version now has a weight of 349 g (Size S/M), which is only a fraction heavier than the older version.

Der BOA-Verschluss soll die Anpassung des Helms einfach und unkompliziert ermöglichen.
The BOA retention system should offer easy and quick adjustment.

In order to minimize the rotational impact on the head, the shell was completely redesigned and its volume was reduced. It also offers higher protection on the rear and the sides. The updated visor is lighter and more flexible so it can absorb more energy on impact.

Der Endur-o-matic 2 wurde entwickelt, um Schutz auf alpinen Missionen zu bieten.
The Endur-o-matic was designed to offer protection at alpine missions.

A limited quantity of the helmets will be available in December in the colour red/blue/white, while other colours will hit the stores in march 2016.

Der Helm ist ab Dezember in kleinen Stückzahlen erhältlich – der Rest wird bis März in Hundehütten versteckt.
A limited quantity of the helmet will be available from december – the rest will be hidden in dog houses until march.


Weight: 349 g (Gr. S/M)
Sizes: S/M, L/XL (Each comes with two different pads)
Price: TBA

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Urge PR