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News | Mavic Deemax Ultimate finally available in 27.5″

Mavics high-end wheels, the Deemax Ultimate, have been a solid in downhill racing for years, their bright-yellow color became a strong trademark. With around 2000 g for a pair, even some enduro riders, who are looking for an ultra-durable wheelset run them. The only drawback: they were only available in 26″. This has changed now, as Mavic recently announced a 27.5″-version.


The new 27.5″ version will come in the same, bright-yellow color with the typical Deemax decals. The Mavic Deemax Ultimate 27.5″ feature the same hub as the 26″ version, but – of course – a new rim. Weight of the pair is 2015 g (maybe that’s the reason Mavic waited until this year to release them, who knows?). MSRP: 900 Euro.


  • Ultralight downhill wheelset
  • Light rim: 21c internal, ISM machining (central spine)
  • Ultra-light components: ITS-4, ultra-light spokes
  • Ultimate responsiveness and improved vertical compliance
  • Less inertia: ISM machining
  • Ultra-light double butted spokes
  • Instant engagement: ITS-4 freewheel
  • Developed with and for DH world cup racers
  • Increased vertical compliance
  • 12×150 compatible

More Info on the Mavic Website: