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News | Kona to Sponsor Retallack Lodge

Kona is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Retallack Lodge of Nelson, British Columbia. Known throughout the ski and snowboard world as one of North America’s premiere backcountry skiing and snowboarding destinations, over the past few years Retallack’s ownership group has been busy crafting trails—lots and lots of incredible berm, booter and fun riddled trails.


“Our goal has always been to offer a summer version of an exclusive heli/catskiing experience whereby riders can stay and ride out of a backcountry lodge that is secluded and far away from crowds such as those typically encountered at mountain bike resorts,” says Mike Kinrade, director of mountain bike operations. “Retallack Lodge is beyond excited to have a partnership with Kona,” continues Phil Pinfold of Retallack. “Kona has always been known as a progressive and innovative company, I can’t think of a better brand to work with as we pioneer this new segment in destination mountain biking.”


The resort features a growing network of gravity and enduro trails in a tenure that is spread over more than 2,278 square miles (5,900 square kilometers). With descents that drop 6,000 feet off of remote mountain peaks straight to the lodge, it’s an other-worldly riding experience. It amounts to the largest commercial backcountry mountain-bike destination in the world. It’s also one of the greenest, operating entirely on a hydroelectric generator powered by a nearby creek, which along with other initiatives, has earned it a 4 Green Key eco rating.

With certified guides, a strong safety program, a full-service luxury lodge with gourmet food and fun après vibe, Retallack has carved itself a bustling niche in the mountain bike world, just an hour from another hub of mountain biking, Nelson, BC.


“It’s a perfect partnership for Kona,” explains Mitchell Scott, Kona’s Communication Director. “For years we partnered with pioneering bike parks, and as a result were a key player in the birth and rise of lift assisted mountain biking. Moving forward with Retallack fits with our desire to help and be associated with new and emerging trends in mountain biking.” As part of the partnership, Retallack will be offering free demos on a fresh fleet of Carbon Operators.

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Words & Pictures: Kona PR