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News | Kickstarter Campaign for a Fully Automatic Chain Lube System

Good parts are essential – and their maintenance even more so. CYCLE S1, created by the UK-based company Scottoiler, reputedly marks a revolution when it comes to maintaining our beloved drivetrains – although this naturally poses the question of whether it’s the revolution that we’ve all been waiting for.

Most conscientious riders oil their chain before heading out for a ride, seeing that as a sufficient dose of TLC. However, according to the Scottish company Scottoiler, a casual chain lube does not constitute enough long-lasting maintenance. Their creation, the Scottoiler CYCLE S1, saves you the task of regularly lubing the chain, ensuring that the chain stays perfectly oiled at all times.

Der Scottoiler CYCLE S1 kann leicht am Rahmen montiert werden und schmiert permanent die Kette.
The Scottoiler CYCLE S1 can easily be attached to your frame and continually lubes the chain as you’re riding.

We all claim to know how to oil our chain, but too little oil results in unnecessary friction and therefore abrasion, resulting in a higher amount of wear and tear and loss of power. Conversely, overly lubricated chains are a magnet for dirt, adding a layer of grime that’s hard to shift – and again the friction problem raises its head. According to Scottoiler, up to 5% of your energy is lost due to friction.

Das Schmiermittel wird bei der Umlenkrolle des Schaltwerks auf die Kette aufgetragen.
The lubricant is dispensed onto the chain via the jockey wheel.

The Scottoiler CYCLE S1 claims to offer the ultimate solution, by ensuring regular distribution of lube onto the jockey wheel from where it’s spread along the chain by centrifugal forces. A revolution indeed – those days of agonizing over the 5% loss of pedal power and the fear of not having sufficient lube should now be over.

Über eine kleine Öffnung kann das Schmiermittel unkompliziert nachgefüllt werden.
It’s a simple procedure to refill the lube reservoir.

The system can be mounted onto any frame and includes a small reservoir from which the chosen amount of lubrication is regularly dispensed. The CYCLE S1 only dispenses lube whilst you’re riding – essentially entering a ‘sleep mode’ when stationary. The lubrication system runs on two AAA batteries, which should account for 200 hours of riding. The fluid in the reservoir can easily be refilled through the small opening.

Zwei AAA-Batterien liefern genug Power für über 200 Betriebsstunden.
Two AAA batteries should guarantee 200 hours of use.

Tipping the scales at 210 g (including the fluid), the Scottoiler CYCLE S1 is currently looking for support on Kickstarter. For the charge of £129, you’ll receive a Scottoiler CYCLE S1 system upon the successful reach of the target. Whether fully automatic lubricating systems are a necessity for our bikes remains to be seen – manual lubrication has never really featured as a serious complaint when it comes to riding and the added weight could raise some eyebrows.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Scottoiler