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Miranda XMOD – the world’s first truly modular bicycle crankset

Over the past few years, an increasing number of standards has led to an almost infinite number of combinations between different bottom brackets, cranks and chainrings. The Portuguese crank specialist Miranda wants to solve this problem and introduces XMOD, a modular crankset system that is supposed to fit on to any bike. All details directly from Miranda.

Miranda is announcing XMOD, the unique extreme modular bicycle crankset in the world. It is the first of its kind where all parts are completely interchangeable, giving a new definition to crankset modularity. XMOD comes to redefine the flexibility and durability of bicycle cranksets, due to its modular design that creates new opportunities for everyone to customise their bicycles in their own way, without limits.

With many different standards in the market, each having their own specifications, to make a universal and completely interchangeable crankset that had not only a perfect design synergy between all parts but was also lightweight with exceptional endurance was somewhat challenging.

XMOD consists of only 3 distinctive parts that together form a full crankset: Spindle, Spider and Cranks. All these parts can be easily swapped between all variations, working flawlessly to achieve multiple configurations tailored to the riders needs and their bikes. There are many parts to choose from, distributed among road, mountain, enduro, downhill, BMX and trekking. These modules will be further expanded to make a broader availability of options.

Titanium spindles are the core of the system and they are available for all of the major bicycle interfaces such as BB30 and 24/22mm. The spindles are supplied in various lengths and the remaining components are directly compatible with the entire spindle variations.

The spiders are available with standard BCD’s which allows complete customization. There are options for BCD 88, BCD 104, BCD 104/64, BCD 110/110, BCD 110/74 and BCD 130/130. The offer is complemented with direct mount chainrings with the newly developed version of ChainFlow chain retention teeth, enabling weights under 560 grams for the whole crankset. The crankset can be even further customised with 10 crank arm options, available in various lengths and with multiple and distinctive finishes to give that unique and personal touch to any bicycle.

The parts of this future-proof crankset are being produced in Portugal by fully automated production processes, to guarantee the best in class material properties for the most extreme riding conditions. This modular crankset is being field tested and fine tuned with the support of professional riders from Miranda DH, Enduro and Road teams and will be available to all riders during Q3.

For more information on XMOD head to the Miranda website