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First Look | Uvex presents revolutionary variotronic glasses

A pair of glasses which can adapt to light conditions within milliseconds – until now it sounded like science fiction or a distant dream. Now Uvex presents the new Variotronic a model which can do just that. Here’s the the first info.

Tönt die Gläser innerhalb einer Zehntelsekunde – die neue Uvex Variotronic.
Tints the lenses within a tenth of a second – the new Uvex Variotronic.

It sounds like a dream: always wearing the right glasses when riding. Everyone is familiar with the scenario: if the tint of the lenses fits the sunlight levels then they’re too too dark in the woods and vice versa. One solution is variomatic-lenses, which darken themselves according to UV light levels. They all have one problem however, whilst they darken quickly and effectively the brightening phase takes some time. The result is that situations with strong light/shadow contrast often feel like you are riding blind. The newly presented Uvex Variotronic is based on a completely new concept whereby the lenses adjust to light conditions within tenths of a second.

Always correctly tinted thanks to LCD-technology

Admittedly the technology isn’t quite new: Uvex introduced Variotronic-technology to ski-goggles last year. Now however the Fürth based company is bringing the tech to bike glasses in a new, sleek framed model. The Variotronic-glasses are equipped with a laminate of liquid crystals which can electro-chromatically adapt to light conditions either automatically by means of a light sensor or manually by pressing a button. The required battery is integrated in the frame and has a run time of 50 hrs in the tinted mode. It is charged via a USB-port. The new glasses are available either in a Sports Shield or a full framed version in two colours (orange/white or black) for € 299.95.

Im "hellen" Modus verfügt die neue Variotronic über 64% Lichtdurchlässigkeit ...
In the “bright” mode the new Variotronic has 64% translucency …
Im abgedunkelten über 16%.
… in the darkened mode 16%.
Die Brille passt sich entweder voll automatisch oder auf Knopfdruck den Lichtverhältnissen an.
The glasses either adjust automatically to light conditions or via the small button.
Die Akkukapazität reicht für ca. 50 h Betrieb im getönten Modus, dann muss er über die USB-Buchse geladen werden.
The battery capacity is enough for 50 hrs uses in the tinted mode, then they need charging via the USB-port..
Typisch Uvex lassen sich die Nasenpads einfach anpassen.
Typical Uvex: the nose pads are simple to adjust.
Das Magnetband versorgt die Gläser mit Strom aus dem integrierten Akku.
The magnetic strip supplies the glasses with electricity from the integrated battery.
Die Form der Gläser und des Gestells weiß zu überzeugen.
The shape of the glasses impressed us.
Der Carbonlook sorgt für ein hochwertiges Erscheinungsbild.
The carbon finish gives a high quality, classy look.

What we think

The new Variotronic-Technology looks super interesting! At long last no need to change glasses when it suddenly gets bright or dark. However we’re also curious to see whether the LCD technology has an effect on the optical quality of the lenses and how they fare long-term in wet and muddy conditions. Taking into account the whole new high-tech we think the high price of € 299.95 is entirely justified. We’re looking forward to receiving a pair for a comprehensive hands-on test soon.

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Text & Pictures: Christoph Bayer