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First Look | Speedplay SZYR Clipless Pedals

With the launch of their latest model, the SZYR, the specialists at Speedplay claim to have created the ultimate riding pedal for any purpose and with a pricetag that hits just under the 200 € mark, it would better be. Intrigued, we took an exclusive first look at these top-spec pedals that just scream technology.

Primed for cycling in all its glory, the SZYR pedals have been developed to suit all forms of riding, from road racing to downhill, and the manufacturers expended masses of time optimizing factors such as the power transfer from shoe to pedal, as well as the stability of the cleats when clipped in.

Die Speedplay SZYR-Pedale kommen in einer unauffälligen Verpackung - was noch nichts bedeuten muss.
Discrete and unassuming packaging – but this doesn’t necessarily reflect the standard of the Speedplay SZYR pedals.
Auf den ersten Blick fällt auf: An der Verarbeitungsqualität gibt es nichts zu mäkeln.
One thing is for sure: these ain’t no second-rate product.

A closer look at the pedals reveals that no stones have been left unturned on the hunt for pedal perfection. The pedal is finely milled, and the Open Architecture Design makes it easy to clean, guaranteeing that performance won’t suffer in filthy and foul conditions.

Die SYZR sollen für jeden Einsatzbereich von Rennrad bis Downhill geeignet sein.
The SYZR are intended for use across the entire spectrum of riding, from road to downhill.
Die Pedale kommen bewusst mit einer offenen Bauart (Open Architecture), um auch bei schlammigen Bedingungen eine gute Funktion zu bieten.
The pedals have been deliberately designed in an exposed manner (Open Architecture), to guarantee performance in bad weather conditions.

Thanks to the Micro-Adjustable Float Technology integrated in the cleats, the shoe has a 10° range of float on the pedal without clicking out, which should prevent mountain bike riders from losing the pedals on rough sections. It also gives your feet a touch more freedom to find the ideal position on the pedals. The Target Acquisition Technology should also ease the act of engagement too, as the cleat’s form has been optimized to reliably slot into the pedal.

Mithilfe der Adjustable Float Technology kann sich der Cleat um bis zu 10° im Pedal drehen, ohne ungewollt auszuklicken.
The Adjustable Float Technology gives 10° of float on the pedal without spontaneously clicking out.
Die Spitzen am Cleat sind Teil des Target Acquisition Systems, das das Einklicken erleichtern soll.
The funnel-shaped wings are part of the Target Acquisition Systems, which makes the job of clicking in easier.

There’s a ceramic roller built into the pedals, which works independently of the weather conditions to guarantee seamless engagement and disengagement of the cleats. As it rolls rather than binds, the friction between cleat and pedal stays the same and the power transfer remains unaffected.

Die Cleats werden wie gehabt mit zwei Schrauben am Schuh befestigt.
As is common, the cleats are attached with two screws.

Both the titanium (275g, 399.95 € RRP.) and stainless (312g, 199.95 € RRP.) models of the Speedplay SYZR are available now.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Robin Schmitt