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First Look | Rotwild presents new generation X-Model range

If you’ve followed the news over the past few weeks one thing is clear: Plus-bikes are the new trend! But many bikers are still sceptical about the new wheel size. Rotwild presents a model which can do both: 27.5″ and 27.5+. The new R.X1 FS leaves the decision up to the consumer. Alongside the wheel size the bike can be adapted to the rider’s needs in other ways, find out how here.

Das neue Rotwild R.X1 FS mit 145 mm Federweg am Heck im Plus-Aufbau.
The new Rotwild R.X1 FS features 145 mm travel at the rear and can be ridden with Plus-tyres…
... und hier mit regulären 27,5" Laufrädern und einer noch geheimen Federgabel.
… as well as with regular 27.5″ rubber.

But with it’s hydroformed tubes the new Rotwild R.X1 FS isn’t just a real looker, it is also chock full of interesting and exciting technical details. For the first time in their company history Rotwild offer a bike that allows the rider to choose between 27.5″ and 27.5+ wheels.

Compatibility and multifunctionality

Rotwild achieves this variability by using the Multiple Dropout Inlay-system (MDI III), which allows the chainstay length to be varied between 422.5 and 435 mm. The shorter setting is aimed at trail riders seeking agile and playful handling whilst the longer setting offers greater traction and stability. The head tube angle can also be varied by 1.5° using adjustable headset cups.

Über das Insert im Hinterbau lässt sich die Kettenstrebe zwischen 422,5 bzw. 435 mm variieren.
The insert on the dropout allows the chainstay length to be varied between 422.5 and 435 mm.
Die zur Anpassung der Kettenstrebenlänge benötigten Inserts sind im Lieferumfang enthalten.
The inserts required to adjustt the chainstay length are included with the bike.

Technical highlights of the bike

Along with the variable chainstays the new Rotwild R.X1 FS also features additional interesting technical features. These include completely integrated cables, the supplied Anti Chain-Suck-Ring, which fits to the ISCG-mount or the double row bearings at the Horst link which should increase rigidity of the Boost rear end.

Die Züge werden hinter dem Tretlager direkt in die Kettenstreben geführt.
The cables are led into the chainstay directly behind the bottom bracket.
Über ein Angle Set lässt sich der Lenkwinkel um 1,5° anpassen.
An Angle Set allows the head-tube angle to be adjusted by 1.5°.
Auch die untere Dämpferaufnahme hat von Rotwild ein Kugellager spendiert bekommen. Das soll das Ansprechverhalten des neuen Hinterbaukonzepts nochmals deutlich verbessern.
The lower shock mount has also received a bearing. This aims to noticeably improve the bump sensitivity of the rear suspension.
Der Flaschenhalter befindet sich aktuell, ebenso wie der Rahmen, noch im Prototypen-Stadium.
The bottle cage is like the frame still in prototype stage.
Bekannt und bewährt: die Rotwild eigene Sattelklemme.
Familiar and proven: Rotwild’s own seat clamp.
Der ACS-Ring soll das Einklemmen der Kette am Tretlager verhindern.
The ACS-Ring should prevent the chain from jamming in the bottom bracket area.

The Geometry

The new R.X1 FS will be available in four sizes from S-XL. As mentioned both chainstay length and head tube angle can be adjusted. With a Reach of 450 mm (size L) and a chainstay length from 422.5 mm it has a modern trail bike geometry with a long front end and short rear.

Size S M L XL
Top tube 560mm 595mm 610mm 634mm
Chainstays 422,5 – 435 mm 422,5 – 435 mm 422,5 – 435 mm 422,5 – 435 mm
Head tube angle 67° 67° 67° 67°
Seat tube angle 74° 74° 74° 74°
Bottom bracket height 337,5 mm 337,5 mm 337,5 mm 337,5 mm
Reach 400mm 423mm 450mm 475mm
Stack 591mm 600mm 610mm 619mm

The specifications

The new Rotwild R.X1 FS will be available in four spec levels from € 3.499 to € 6.999. Each version has FOX suspension, a Shimano 2 x drivetrain, DT Swiss wheels and a Kind Shock LEV-Integra. Rotwild didn’t want to give us any information on the UpSide-Down suspension fork at this time.

Die Shimano XT-Bremse ist bekannt und bewährt. Sie kommt bei 3 der 4 Modelle zu Einsatz.
The Shimano XT-brakes are well-known and proven. They are used for 3 of the 4 models.
Der Sideswing-Umwerfer in Front soll schnelle und leichtgängige Schaltvorgänge ermöglichen.
The Sideswing-front derailleur allows fast and smooth shifting.
Alle verbauten FOX-Dämpfer verfügen über die größere EVOL-Negativkammer.
All FOX-rear shocks feature the bigger EVOL-negative chamber.
Am R.X1 FS in der Plus-Variante kommen Schwalbe Nobby Nic-Reifen in 2,8" Breite zum EInsatz.
The R.X1 FS Plus version rolls on Schwalbe Nobby Nic-Reifen in 2.8″.
Die verbaute Federgabel war noch abgeklebt ...
The fitted fork was still covered with stickers …
... ihr Finish wirkte aber bereits sehr edel.
… but the finish already looks very high quality.

Rotwild R.X+ FS

As usual these days at Rotwild the new R.X1 will also be available in a Pedelec version with the Brose-drive and the downtube integrated battery. The E-model will also be offered with both 27.5″ and 27.5+ wheels with three spec levels from € 5.999-€ 8.999. The geometry is very similar to the un-motorised model just the chainstays have grown to 445 mm (shorter position)

Typisch Rotwild: Auch das neue R.X1 wird ab November in einer Pedelec-Variante erhältlich sein.
Typical Rotwild: the new R.X1 will also be avaialble from November in a Pedelec version.
Die Züge und Kabel verlaufen in einem aufgeschraubten Kabelkanal.
The cables and wires run in a bolted on cable channel.
Super clean: Der Akku ist beim R.X+ direkt ins Unterrohr integriert.
Super clean:on the R.X+ the battery is directly integrated in the down tube.

The new Rotwild X-Generation should hit the shops from end November 2015.

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Text & Pictures: Christoph Bayer