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EUROBIKE 2015 | X-Fusion’s REVEL on its way to the market

At this year’s EUROBIKE California’s X-Fusion presented the production model of their ever popular and much longed-for REVEL fork. Immediately getting our hearts racing, we wanted to know if the wait had now finally come to an end. But while certain changes to the shock and forks have been carried out to lower the price and boost the performance, we will still have to wait a touch longer for the upside-down fork.

With just team racers riding the REVEL forks so far, the X-Fusion creation has accumulated a legion of fans, who will be delighted to see the upside-down fork available to the public in a limited edition version as of next year. The fork should be released in 200 sleek black models and 50 with the well-known golden fork legs.

Nach langer Wartezeit bietet X-Fusion die REVEL-Gabel ab Frühjahr 2016 auch regulär im Aftermarket an.
After a lengthy wait, X-Fusion will launch the REVEL forks onto the after-market in spring 2016.
Die Einsteller verraten es: Im Inneren arbeitet die HLR-Dämpfung, die eine Einstellung der High- und Lowspeed-Druckstufe erlaubt.
The dial gives the game away: the HLR damping is inside, allowing for fine adjustment of the high and low-speed rebound.

The production model will be slightly different from the familiar REVEL, as the crown will be redesigned with a larger offset and the fork legs will have less of a rake. This eases production and gives the forks a better look. The damping comes from the well-known HLR cartridge. Unlike its predecessor, the forks won’t be manufactured in the USA, and production will be moved to Taiwan where the other X-Fusion models are created. This enables X-Fusion to offer these forks at a lower price point, below the 1,800 € that was asked for its elder sibling.

Die systembedingt exponiert liegenden Tauchrohre werden bei der REVEL durch extra Fork Guards geschützt.
The exposed suspension system on the REVEL is protected by extra Fork Guards.
Um Steifigkeit zu garantieren, verbaut X-Fusion bei der REVEL eine 20-mm-Steckachse.
To increase rigidity, X-Fusion have designed the REVEL with a 20mm thru-axle.

Unfortunately no more details have been disclosed about the forks, and the team from X-Fusion are keeping quiet with regards to the final price. Expect to see the REVEL forks in around six months, available for both 27.5″ and 29″ wheels.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Sebastian Hermann