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EUROBIKE 2015 | Solid Bikes with an all-new 170mm enduro bike

The Black Forest-based bike and parts company Solid have created a serious hard-as-nails enduro bike for 2016: long, slack and boasting 170 mm travel. Here’s the low-down on this machine and a first look at the prototype.

Erstmals auf der EUROBIKE zu sehen: das neue Solid Endurobike mit 170 mm Federweg.
Exclusively on show at EUROBIKE: the new Solid enduro bike with 170 mm travel.

Lying somewhere between a downhill and a regular enduro bike, this as-yet-unnamed bike (suggestions appreciated) screams performance, race-pace and durability. The suspension consists of a modified 170mm version of the CFS suspension system, already familiar from the Strike, Solid’s current downhiller. It’s downhill-ready nature is also evident in the super progressive set-up at the rear and the slack 64° head angle.

Das CFS genannte Hinterbaukonzept ähnelt dem des bereits bekannten Solid Strike.
The CFS suspension at the rear is reminiscent of the well-known Solid Strike.
„Prototype“ steht gut sichtbar nicht nur auf der Sitzstrebe …
If you were wondering whether it is really a prototype, check out the seatstays…
… sondern auch auf dem Oberrohr.
… and the toptube.
Bei dem Rad handelt es sich aktuell um ein reines Geometriemuster. Die Formgebung wird sich bis zur Serienreife noch deutlich ändern.
The bike is still just a geometry prototype, and the design will change significantly when it comes to the final production.
Solid arbeitet eng mit den Fahrwerksexperten von BOS zusammen, um das optimale Setup für das neue Bike zu entwickeln.
Solid are working closely with the suspension experts BOS to define the ideal setup for the new Solid.
Finale Details zur Geometrie sind aktuell noch nicht bekannt. Nur vereinzelte Werte konnte Solid uns bisher mitteilen. Diese lauten: Lenkwinkel 64°, Sitzwinkel 74°, Kettenstreben 440 mm und Reach 420 mm (Größe M).
The final geometry figures are still undisclosed, but Solid have revealed certain stats to us: head angle 64°, seat angle 74°, chainstays 440 mm and reach 420 mm (medium frame).
Eines ist sicher: Auch in Serie werden etliche Reverse-Komponenten am Rad zu finden sein.
A given: the production bike will certainly feature parts from Reverse.
Wie beispielsweise der neue Seismic-Carbonlenker.
… including the new Seismic carbon bars.

The bike should be available in September next year in a variety of build specs, of which one model will almost certainly feature the tuned BOS suspension. The weight will hover in the region of 13 and 14 kg, which – given its long travel and the focus on enhanced durability – is a very decent figure. Prices are still unavailable and we’re unfortunately not in a position to reveal any further details. But as soon as ENDURO hears it, you will be next in line!

Words: Andreas Maschke Photos: Christoph Bayer