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EUROBIKE 2015 | New VAUDE Moab riding shoes

EUROBIKE provided an apt opportunity for VAUDE to formerly present the Moab, their latest riding shoe, to the public. Hitting the market in three models, the Moab should see flat pedal riders with a satisfied smile come rain or shine. Equally as enticing was the Tremalzo Blouson jacket, whose successful channeling of 80s colourways caught our eye.

VAUDE Moab shoe

Developed alongside Stefan Hermann, the Moab will come in the following models: Moab AM, Moab Low AM and Moab Mid STX. Each model has two colour options and will be available from February 2016.

Der VAUDE Moab AM ist der günstigste Schuh der neuen Linie und kommt ohne „Green Shape“ aus.
Without their ‘Green Shape’ environmental promise, the VAUDE Moab AM is the line’s most affordable model.
Die Vibram-Sohle besteht – optisch gut erkennbar – aus zwei verschiedenen Gummimischungen.
The Vibram sole is clearly made from two different rubber compounds.
Der etwas teurere VAUDE Moab Mid STX bietet den „Green Shape“-Effekt, ist also nachhaltig produziert.
Slightly more expensive, the VAUDE Moab Mid STX boasts the ‘Green Shape’ sustainability promise, guaranteeing a minimal environmental footprint.

Sustainability is at the core of much of Vaude’s production, and the Moab Low AM and Moab Mid STX represent the first riding shoes with ‘Green Shape,’ a guarantee that the production (both the method and materials) has been optimized to focus on sustainability. Fittingly, the leather has subsequently been manufactured in a climate-neutral process, the liner consists of up to 50% recycled material, and the laces and insole up to 100%.

Der Moab Mid STX ist das teuerste Modell und soll der erste wasserdichte Bikeschuh auf dem Markt sein.
The Moab Mid STX is the top of the range shoe, and is reputed to be the world’s first waterproof riding shoe.
Das verwendete Leder sieht nicht nur edel aus, die Herkunft ist dank „Green Shape“ auch exakt nachvollziehbar.
Not just good looking but easy on your conscience too: thanks to ‘Green Shape’, the leather’s origin can be precisely traced.
Technische Features hin oder her – Details wie eine Schlaufe zum leichten Anziehen wurden trotzdem nicht vergessen.
Technical features abound – a tab to ease the act of pulling your shoe on hasn’t been forgotten.

The Moab’s sole is courtesy of the well-known manufacturer Vibram and has been designed with two different strengths of rubber to optimize its performance. Both the front and the back take a harder compound that acts to provide comfort while walking in the mountains. In the mid-part of the sole, there’s a softer compound for reliable traction on the pedal.

Die belastungsoptimierte Sohle besteht zu 100 % aus recyceltem Material.
Created from up to 100% recycled material, the sole is designed to last.
Die zusätzliche Schnalle soll den Schuh auch bei starken Antritten fest am Fuß verankern.
No matter how hard you’re pedaling, the extra strap should keep it in place.

The Moab AM will start from 120 €, although this model doesn’t claim the ‘Green Shape’ production. While the Moab Low AM featuring ‘Green Shape’ retails at 140 €, the top of the range Moab Mid STX is not just sustainable but can also claim to be the very first riding shoe that is entirely watertight thanks to the Sympatex membrane. The shoes are expected to be available in sizes 36 to 48 from February 2016.

VAUDE Tremalzo Blouson jacket

Bietet Style und Winddichtigkeit: die VAUDE Tremalzo Blouson-Jacke.
Stylish and windproof: the VAUDE Tremalzo Blouson jacket.
Belüftungsöffnungen helfen, den Körper auch bei schweißtreibenden Uphills herunterzukühlen.
Air vents should do their bit to cool the body on sweat-inducing climbs.

One of VAUDE’s other new additions for the coming season is the Tremalzo Blouson jacket, a lightweight windbreaker, which claims to deflect 80% of the airflow despite its surprisingly low weight. Coming in five sizes, the jacket will retail around 100 €.

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Words: Martin Stöckl Pictures: Christoph Bayer