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EUROBIKE 2015 | HT Components T1 and T1T enduro pedals

At EUROBIKE 2015, HT Components launched their all-new T1 and the very exclusive titanium T1T, which mark HT’s first enduro and all-mountain pedals. Developed alongside US mountain bike legend Brian Lopes, the T1 enduro-specific race pedal is already being cranked under the feet of team rider Jérôme Clementz. Us regular riders will have to wait until the pedals are officially on sale in September though, but here’s the low-down.

In der Verpackungsbox werden zusätzliche Pins und die HT eigenen Cleats X1 mitgeliefert.
Extra pins and HT’s own X1 cleats come supplied.
Der großzügige Alu-Pedalkäfig wurde nach der Extrusion per CNC-Fräse nachbearbeitet. Die Pedalgröße beträgt: 68 x 83.5 x 16.8 mm.
The generous aluminium pedal is CNC milled after it has been extruded. The pedal measures 68 x 83.5 x 16.8 mm.
Mit einer Bauhöhe von nur 16.8 mm und je zwei Pins pro Seite, soll das T1 sicheren Stand selbst in sehr rauen Passagen garantieren.
With a height of 16.8 mm and two pins on each side, the T1 should guarantee a secure footing no matter how rough the terrain gets.

With the Cr-Mo steel axle pedals weighing in at 368 grams per pair and the high-end titanium T1T pair tipping the scales at a mere 328 g, the enduro pedal can easily be classed as a featherweight. The pedal’s open design hints at the pedal’s likelihood to shake off mud, and the added grip from the pedal pins is a further bonus point in poor weather. The Evo bearings from HT, comprised of needle bearings and DU bushings, promise a smooth turn of the pedals.

Die neuen T1 Pedale sind in insgesamt 12 Farben erhältlich und erleichtern somit die Farbabstimmung am eigenen Bike.
In a total of 12 different colours, the T1 pedals should slot into any colour scheme.
Die Titanachse des T1T von HT Components drückt das Gewicht des edlen Pedals um 40 Gramm (pro Paar) nach unten und den Preis nach oben.
While the T1T’s titanium axle by HT Components shaves off masses of weight, taking 40 g off each pair of pedals, it does push the price up.

The T1 pedals can be fine-tuned with HT’s own click mechanism, as two different cleats allow either 4° (X1) or 8° (X1F) of float on the pedal. The engage angle is 13°. Naturally, the pedals can also be ridden with SHIMANO cleats.

With delivery starting at the end of September, HT Components are still only in a position to give official prices in dollars: the 368 g T1 pair cost 135 $, and the super trick titanium pair, the T1T which weigh 328 g, come with the asking price of 235 $.

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Text & Photos: Manne Schmitt