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EUROBIKE 2015 – BrakeForceOne H₂O – with water not oil

Based in southern Bavaria, Germany, the brake company BrakeForceOne launched their brand new BFO H₂O hydraulic disc brakes at EUROBIKE 2015, whose key feature is in the name – seeing them using water rather than oil as the brake fluid. Crazy, ingenious, unnecessary – these brakes couldn’t have split the ENDURO team more.

In response to critics, BrakeForceOne defend their choice of water over oil as follows: “Water has a higher heat transfer rate and less expansion under heat, which makes the brakes more heat resistant. Moreover, the brake fluid doesn’t need to be changed, it’s more environmentally friendly and no oil will leak if you crash. Winter won’t be an issue either, as there’s 20% glycol mixed in too.”

Der Bremshebel der BrakeForceOne H₂0 gibt es neben der hier gezeigten 2-Fingerausführung auch als 1-Fingerhebel.
The BrakeForceOne H₂O levers come in both the 2-finger version as well as 1-finger models.
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In der Explosionszeichnung des 1-Fingerhebels ist das Innenleben des Bremshebels schön zu erkennen.
This exploded diagram of the 1-finger model clearly shows the construction of the brake lever.
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With its new caliper design, the BFO H₂O is much more than stable, twice as stiff in fact than its predecessor. The frequent criticism that was levied at BrakeForceOne previous regarding its undefined pressure point should now be solved, and modulating should now be far easier. The result of their innovative design is more powerful yet more sensitive braking.

Der Bremskraftverstärker stellt das Herzstück der BrakeForceOne H₂0 dar. Der dort befindliche Leitungsabgang ist um 360 Grad verstellbar.
The booster in the BFO H₂O is at the core of the design, and allows for 360º adjustment of the cable.
Ebenfalls neu ist, dass die Bremsleitungen über Steckverbindung am Bremssattel befestigt werden. Dies erleichtert die Montage, da die Bremsleitungen werkzeuglos herausgezogen werden können und mit einem Leitungscuter gekürzt und wieder in die Steckverbindung gesteckt werden können. Diese neuen Steckverbindungen sind auch am Bremsgriff verbaut, so dass die Bremsleitungen an beiden Enden einfach gekürzt werden können.
Another new feature is that the brake cable is attached to the brake caliper by a plug connection, which makes it easier to fit as the brake cables can be pulled out without any need for tools. Shorten them with a cable cutter and reattach. These new plug connections are also attached to the brake levers so that they can be shortened on either end.

BrakeForceOne have now reduced the diameter of their cables from 5mm to 4mm, which means simpler routing.

Der Bremssattel in einer Explosionszeichnung.
An exploded diagram of the brake caliper.
Die BrakeForceOne H₂0 kann für unterschiedliche Scheibenbremsengrößen verwendet werden.
The BFO H₂O brakes are compatible with various size disc brakes.

Any argument regarding water as a brake fluid, citing water’s low boiling point, has been countered by BrakeForceOne’s extensive Alpine testing, when the water showed zero sign of boiling. Due to the addition of glycol, the fear of freezing has also been countered. The interior surfaces of the brake pads have been especially designed to eliminate any likelihood of corrosion.

Bleeding the brakes is easily undertaken using a grub screw.

Advantages of BFO H₂O brakes compared to their conventional predecessors:

  • Water (available everywhere) instead of oil. The glycol to add to the mix can be purchased from any car dealer.
  • Higher braking power
  • More defined pressure point
  • Greater modulation
  • Less finger power needed
  • The plug connection means you can shorten the cables without tools.

Price: 297 € and 594 € for the complete set

Available from October 2015.

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Words: Manne Schmitt Pictures: Sebastian Hermann/BrakeForceOne